Electronic resources to Numerical modelling of non-ideal catalytic systems

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This website contains a collection of additional electronic source material associated with the book Numerical modelling of non-ideal catalytic systems. Both the book and the website are associated with the course Catalysis, Science and Technology given in the Master Curriculum Chemical Engineering at the Eindhoven University of Technology, though the more auto-didactic oriented students can also use the resources as provided here for their own study.

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Just here to grab an electronic copy of the book? You can obtain the latest version via this download link.

How to use this website

  • If you are visiting this website for the first time, head over to the getting started section section and obtain an electronic copy of the book and follow the instructions to install a Python development environment.

  • Read the chapters, one by one, in the book. The book focuses on the fundamental concepts and the derivations of the numerical routines whereas the scripts on this website show the implementation of those routines.

  • Several example scripts, including the expected output result, are given for each chapter. After reading a chapter, head over to the corresponding page (use the right hand side panel for easy navigation) and go through the example scripts. To deepen your understanding of the numerical procedures, make changes to the variables and investigate how these changes propagate throughout the script.


Unless otherwise specified, all the material on this website, including the scripts, are shared under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license.


We always appreciate receiving feedback on our lecture material. If you spot any errors on this website or in the book, feel free to drop a line to i.a.w.filot@tue.nl.

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